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CryoDerm Gel

Topic of the Month - by Amy Gusso

CryoDerm is a gel that is used for the relief of pain. This gel is all-natural and used to help relieve muscle aches, pains, cramps, joint pain, and sprains.

CryoDerm is all-natural and contains ingredients well-versed in healing of pain and inflammation.

Arnica: used for swelling and bruising
Boswella: anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory
Eucalyptus: antibacterial and warming properties
Ilex: used to reduce swelling and loosen joints
Menthol: provides pain relief and anti-inflammatory while providing a cooling sensation
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): natural substance which provides anti-inflammatory and local analgesic properties
Peppermint Oil:  an essential oil that has natural pain relief properties
Alcohol: distilled grain alcohol

What is CryoDerm Used For?

This product is great for those who work out and have sore muscles. It is also effective with muscle pains, sprains, aches, and strains. It can help in several conditions like bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tension headaches, back aches, neck pain, restless leg syndrome, and TMJ jaw discomfort. It can basically help with all the pains that life throws your way.

You can purchase the CryoDerm gel here at the clinic.  We have the the 4oz bottle for $25.00 (Including taxes) and the 16oz bottle for $80.00 (including taxes). 

Also, if you would like your therapist to use the CryoDerm gel during your treatment, just let us know.

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