Topic of the Month - by Kassie Harker

Often self care can be looked upon as an outer experience, something for the physical body.
Modalities such as massage, chiropractic, yoga are wonderful ways to reduce tension/pain, manage stress and re-balance the body.

What about the inner-self care, that for the mind & soul?

Affirmations are words or a sentence focused on affecting the conscious and subconscious mind or thought. Repeating positive and empowering statements can influence actions/reactions and behaviours. They rewire our brains as a self-improvement exercise for the mind.

Repeating the statements 3x/day for a few minutes each time.

Writing down your affirmations and speaking it to ones’ self {facing a mirror} can reaffirm the visual context of the words.

Remembering to take long deep breaths and imagine positive imagery.

Examples of Affirmations are:

  • I love and nurture myself
  • I focus on breathing and grounding myself
  • Wealth consistently flows into my life
  • I inhale confidence and exhale fear
  • I trust in myself to make good decisions
  • I sleep soundly and deeply through the night
  • I release worry for what I cannot control
  • I am healthy and filled with energy
  • I am surrounded by beauty and abundance
  • I let go of all negativity that rests in my body and mind

Be Kind to Yourself


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