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Registered Massage Therapy & Wellness


Pediatric Massage for Infants

by Jessica Konink

Many research studies show that Massage Therapy can reduce both physical discomfort, as well as, ease emotional symptoms associated with various pediatric medical conditions.

Pediatric massage is performed with a gentle approach in the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, and is intended to promote optimal health and well-being, for children and adolescents; of all ages, in all stages of life.

Registered Massage Therapy can reduce pain and anxiety in children with debilitating medical conditions. Pediatric massage takes into consideration each child's individual needs by assessing their physical development, cognitive development, and general heath, with a series of orthopedic tests prior to commencing treatment.

A Pediatric Massage Therapy treatment can also help manage chronic conditions such as; Asthma, by providing relaxation and reducing tension in the respiratory muscles of the chest, mid-back, and neck. Nausea and constipation may also be addressed with treatment of the abdominal muscles and the G.I tract.

Some other benefits of Pediatric Massage for Infants include; Relief of discomfort from gas, colic, and constipation. Improved blood circulation, aided digestion, enhanced development of the Nervous System. Stimulated Neurological development and increased levels of awareness. Reduction in stress hormones, elevated release of Oxytocin; the nurturing hormone, and overall heightened immunity.

General Swedish Massage is well known for benefiting those that suffer from Myalgia, which is chronic muscle soreness. By providing your child or infant a therapeutic or relaxation massage with a certified and licensed healthcare professional, you may help ease their growing pains and stimulate positive physical development.

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